Rolf is a capable butten box player and a very popular member of the Arizona Accordion Club. But there is another side of Rolf hat you may not be familiar with.

He was born in Germany, the Black Forest region and came to America in 1947 and resided in New York. His involvement with soccer brought him into major league competition. He played many International Games in the year of 1947-1958.

He served two years in the army during the Korean conflict. After his discharge he continued to play and train New York soccer teams.

He was selected to train the U.S. World Cub National Team in 1968.

He retired and moved to Arizona in 1997. He continues to play soccer for the over 35 Scottsdale League known as the Blasters. In 1999 he received the Iron Man award from the Scottsdale league. He also volunteers as a coach for the girl's team at Independence High School in Glendale.

Rolf's other hobbies are Table tennis and Pickle ball.
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