Tony Putrino has written, arranged and performed music since childhood, beginning with the accordion at the age of seven. He later expanded his abilities to include keyboards, as well. His first love has always been jazz. That, combined with the influence of contemporary pop music, created in him a unique approach to accordion playing. Hearing his blend of jazz, r & b, rock ‘n roll, romantic Europe and the avant-garde is, to be sure, a different experience for aficionados of traditional accordion repertoire. His accordion arrangements have been used in schools throughout the U.S. One of Tony’s many compositions was included as a required competition piece at the annual Accordion Federation of North America (AFNA) Music Festival in Los Angeles. As a performer, he has traveled from coast to coast. He has performed with various nationally known recording artists and in prestigious venues in New York and Los Angeles.

As a student of music, Tony received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music Composition from California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. He has also taught accordion for many years and is currently working on a new course of study.

His goal is to achieve, facilitate and promote musical excellence and honesty along with personal Spiritual growth as an artist, teacher and all around passionate being.

Tony has been a member of the Arizona Accordion Club since 1996 and continues to teach, write, arrange, perform and record.
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