At the age of nine, I wanted to play the harp. My German mom told me that I would learn to play the accordion.

I took lessons from a lady who lived across the canal from us. I'd load the accordion into my little row boat and row across for my studies. The accordion became an obsession and I'd practice eight hours a day. At 11 years old I won the Long Island State Championship.

We moved to Florida and I started taking lessons with Ed Knott. He was an incredible jazz musician. I won several Florida State Championships. I also was a member of a 25-piece accordion band. We played all over south Florida. At 15 years old I was teaching lessons to beginners and had the highest number of students place in the state championships. What great childhood memories!

Life happened and I stopped playing for about 25 years. I have two sons--one just graduated and the other is on a scholarship at ASU. Since 1991, I've had my own accelerated Math & Reading school and I'm also in real estate.

My boyfriend bought me an accordion three years ago and I've been playing ever since.
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