The Arizona Accordion Club is a 501c non-profit corporation in the State of Arizona as of July 27, 1996. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate a positive attitude towards the performance of music on the accordion by strengthening our relationship with fellow musicians, expanding our knowledge of the accordion and accordion playing, and by developing a publicity program to acquaint the general public with the education and entertainment values of the accordion. The organization encourages members to perform solos and in ensemble with other accordionists and with other instruments.

Phil Fox

Vice President
Jerry Szymanski

Leigh Dechaine

Pete Donatella

Dionne Hauke

Florella Genco

Seasoned Pro Reporter
Raye Donatella

Still Photos
Jerry Szymanski

Video Camera
Sal Genco

Megan Hauke

Leigh Dechaine

Pete Donatella

Jerry Szymanski

Chuck Voinovich

Dionne Hauke

Paul Betken

Jay Stevens

Ted Lee

Elmer Faser

Jack Dermody

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