International Festival Meeting - October 20th

5:30 - Rod Julkowski Pre-meeting
In his younger years, Rod was a full time musician in Minnesota. Now, he has retired to Mesa and enjoys playing his accordion for friends & family. Since tonight's theme is "ethnic music", a slight emphasis will be placed on Slovenian songs.

6:30 - Meeting Announcements and Members Perform
Members and guest welcome to play. Please call Phil to reserve a chance to play for us.

Nominations for AZ Accordion Club officers were made at the last board of directors meeting. This meeting, we will offer the opportunity to nominate board members from the club members. Board of directors nominations are: President - Phil Fox; Vice President - Jay Stevens; Secretary - Leigh Dechaine; and Treasurer - Pete Donatella. An election vote will be held.

Our planning for our fund raising concert in March has reached an obstacle. We are in need of members to support the planning and publicity for the event. Plan to see me or Jack Dermody at the meeting to offer your support.

We will celebrate our 18th birthday at this meeting. The AZ Accordion Club was formed in 1996.

7:00 - An International Accordion Festival
10 Performers are scheduled and there is room for you.

Would you like to play something at this meeting? Call Phil, 480-427-2394, or email at

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