Next Meeting is March 17th

5:30 - Lee Lockhart will play many of our favorites for the pre-meeting performance.

6:30 - Arizona Accordion Club Members are invited to play. Show us what you've been working on this winter. We'd love to hear you. Bring your accordion and other accompanists. Call Phil Fox to let me know if you would like to play.

7:00 - Richard Noel of Bakersfield, CA will perform for us. Originally from Portland OR, Richard is a retired Professor of Psychology from CSUB.

He played in numerous accordion contests as a youth, culminating in a first-place solo trophy at the American Accordionists Association in New York City at age 18. He specializes in the Roland-V.

Noel's YouTube channel now has more than 1.5 million views, and his site at links to his YouTube Videos and other programming for the V-accordions. His greatest enjoyment comes from playing music from various cultures and in different styles, demonstrating the versatility of the accordion.

8:00 - Members play time. Please call Phil Fox at 480-427-2394.

Would you like to play something at this meeting? Call Phil, 480-427-2394, or email at

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